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Colour Basis™ “The Media Appearance Specialists”
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Meet Our Team

Christi Schreiber

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Who better to transform a media company’s image than someone who, among other things, has been an on-air personality, wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup artist, and television host?  Christi’s background in Photography and Graphic Arts, and more than 25 years experience in the media industry, makes her the ideal image consultant with the knowledge and expertise to create magic with everyone she has the privilege of working with.

Christi has helped transform the appearance of media personalities in broadcast stations across the country, and has prepared more than 2600 on-air clients, celebrities and professionals for the world of High Definition (HD) programming.

Her extensive experience in broadcast media helps her form unique connections with her clients.  She understands the stress and pressure that comes with appearing on-camera and knows that a flawless appearance is key to a confident, authentic delivery.

As one of the most sought after Image Consultants in the television industry, Christi works on both large and small projects, and for stations of all sizes, whether or not they have image consultants or makeup artists on staff.



Ari Mejeras Ari Mejeras Ari Mejeras

ARENDIJUS MEJERAS | Chief Operations Officer
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Ari is in charge of Colour Basis operations, accounts payable/receivable, logistics, vendor relations and overall client satisfaction.

Before joining Colour Basis, Ari, a Lithuanian native, received his master’s degree, on full scholarship, in Education from West Texas A&M.  He was an assistant basketball coach for his division 2 alma-mater and prior to that, assistant basketball coach at Weatherford Junior College. His knowledge and appreciation of health and fitness is invaluable to our clients as they strive to stay healthy and fit as well. 

If you have any questions about products, delivery or the ordering process, or most anything else, he’s your man.



Maula Fera Maula Fera Maula Fera

MUALA FERA | Media Appearance Consultant
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Although being a native Texan, Muala was raised in a traditional Albanian household with strict values that helped shape her work ethic and discipline in achieving her goals today.  Since her childhood days of playing dress up and helping her mom apply makeup and style her hair, Muala has had a passion for the beauty and fashion industries. 

At the age of 17, she began her career as a state-licensed cosmetologist.  After gaining experience in specialty retail wardrobing she then moved in to retail luxury-brand freelance makeup artistry where she was quickly sought after as a regional artist.  Ready for new challenges, she made the move as a hair and makeup artist at a day spa until Colour Basis was able to offer her the opportunity she had been looking for — high-level artistry, hair styling and wardrobing along with top level client service AND travel which she loves.  Muala brings a high level of organization, professionalism and attention to detail in providing her services in perfecting the on-camera appearances of her clients.



OLIVER SCHREIBER | Director of Motivations

Oliver takes his job seriously and is very vocal in his day to day duties.  This position was appointed to him after continually motivating everyone he meets to have the greatest day possible while he is around. On a personal level, Oliver’s life is a touching story of grace.  He knows what it’s like to be abused and tossed aside then miraculously found his way into a loving home where he is adored by all.


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