"Colour Basis and Christi have provided help and consultation for me in multiple markets and she is truly a gifted professional in every sense of the phrase. I would recommend her and her team in a heartbeat."

—Steve Mauldin, General Manager

"The Colour Basis team is amazing! I am so grateful for their expertise and incredible customer service. As a working mom of three young boys, finding time to shop for work clothes, make up and accessories is difficult. Colour Basis makes it so easy- their clothes are stylish, flattering and always on trend. Their HD lip gloss and foundation are some of my favorite products. Christi, Ari and Muala thank you for all you do to help us look our best and for being so kind and easy to work with. You are the best in the business! "

—Vanessa Welch, News Anchor

"I have worked with Colour Basis for more than a decade. They find the most beautiful dresses and pair them well with styled jewelry. I always feel like a million bucks—and get a lot of compliments—when I'm wearing one of their dresses. I love the convenience of a Colour Box (mailing me dresses and jewelry; I keep what I like and send back the rest). I am a huge fan of their HD powder foundation. It is easy to apply and looks great throughout the day. I find Christi and team very kind, professional, up on trends and accessible. She has been a great resource for me throughout the years! You rock, Colour Basis!"

—Jaime Cerreta, News Anchor

"I am a main news anchor and I worked with a Colour Basis consultant. She is fantastic and will make you a better version of yourself. She's kind and patient and shows you how to put on makeup better than you ever thought you could. Her skills are obvious from the start and she doesn't push you to buy anything. I bought everything because I couldn't believe how different I looked when she was done. I have had consultants before, but not like this. I've been anchoring for 25 years and couldn't be happier with the help I received."

—Stephanie Gorin, News Anchor

"My consultant was absolutely phenomenal. She was so personable and made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. Hopefully everyone can be blessed enough to have a consultant like her. If you could please pass this along to the rest of your management team, that would be great."

—Jennifer Sanders, News Anchor

"Christi and her team are absolutely great to work with! Their expertise - and efficiency - in working with our anchors and reporters makes their services invaluable. The customer service is simply outstanding! With every encounter, I always feel like a valued client. I couldn’t imagine handling the appearance of our on-air team without Colour Basis. And best of all, our anchors and reporters love working with Christi and her team, too! "

—Jason Pasco, News Director

"Colour Basis is heaven sent when it came to improving my on air appearance. My Colour Basis consultant recommended the best clothes for my body shape and size. They also improved my camera ready look by showing me how to properly put on my make up which is KEY! I highly recommend anyone in the TV business to do a consultation with Colour Basis. You will walk away feeling more confident! "

—Cam Tran, Meteorologist

"In my more than 30 years anchoring the news as a main anchor, I have been thru at least 15 different make-up - fashion consultants. In almost every case - I knew more about TV make-up and clothing selection then they did. My Colour Basis consultant was just the opposite. I was very impressed with her knowledge and more importantly her style and teaching ability. She is a class act who knows her stuff. You are very blessed to have her out in the field. "

—Jeff Gianola, News Anchor

"Thanks for everything you did. I think it’s going to have a big impact on our talent’s career."

—Tom Lewis, News Director

"I use so much of what you taught me on a daily basis... and really just feel like you empowered me to be ME on the anchor desk after so long of trying to be who "they" wanted me to be and look like. It's amazing how my confidence about my appearance allows me to do my best work."

—Jenna Rehnstrom, News Anchor

"I have worked with Christi and Colour Basis for over a decade now. Over that time, their insight and advice has been valuable in improving my appearance, including my wardrobe and hair. In dealing with Colour Basis, you get the feeling that you're dealing with friends and not just a business owner or vendors. Their approach is honest and genuine and they respond with immediate feedback when a question or concern arises. In my time in television, I haven't known a better resource than Colour Basis. "

—Ryan Recker, News & Sports Anchor

"Best foundation I have ever used...great style advice personalize just for me! The advice about what styles/fit/colors suit me was incredibly helpful. Thank you for helping me feel better and more comfortable with what I wear at work."

—Shiri Spear, Meteorologist